Wholesale Fragrance Oils




Fragrance Oil Orders are shipped within 1 business day and we use USPS Priority Mail.  You will be emailed a tracking number when we ship your box.  We only offer fragrance oils as listed on main page because we manufacture them and have an oversupply.

We know you want to keep a good source and we want to be your source.  We will keep these fragrances even when we do not have an over supply.  We will consider adding other fragrances not listed here as we see a profit - so you can email suggestions and as we add new scents we will take into consideration most requested additions.  

These wholesale Fragrance Oils are high quality, if not higher - than the fragrance oil you see for $24.95 a pound.  We are located in Tampa, FL.  We do have a $20 minimum order as well as a $6 Ship fee minimum that lessens as your order increases.   

Do not use these oils directly ever.  They are designed to go into something bigger such as candle wax, room sprays or  lotion.  For candle making, one ounce of our fragrance oil per pound should be enough.  For bath and body preparations one ounce per pound.   We do not use stinky cutting agents,  and our substrate is canola oil although more expensive for us.  If you are making a room spray you can add a high proof ethanol say 50% to 50% our fragrance formula and shake well before each use.   Click to Return to Order Page